Terms & Conditions (aka the boring bit...)

By placing an order with Ping At Home:

  1. I (the customer) will pay for the food on receipt of confirmation and no later than the preceding Tuesday before delivery.  If payment is not received we (ping at home)  reserve the right to cancel your order.
  2. Once payment is made, and unless changes are made by us (Ping At Home), the order is not refundable.
  3. We (Ping At Home) reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason and issue you with a full refund.
  4. The food will be delivered to the address or pickup location and it is your (the customer’s) responsibility to either make yourself available to receive the delivery or collect the food from the pickup point in the allocated time period.
  5. If no one is available to accept the delivery you (the customer) must make suitable arrangements to keep the food cool and secure (e.g. a coolbox placed outside).
  6. We reserve the right to refuse delivery if suitable, safe, storage measures are not met.
  7. Once delivered I (the customer) accept full responsibility for correct storage of the food.
  8. I (the customer) agree that I will read and follow the cooking instructions but understand that these are just a guide and I will ensure that the food is heated correctly and to a safe temperature.
  9. We (Ping At Home) make all effort to include accurate allergen information on both food packaging and menus however it is my (the customer’s) responsibility to inform Ping At Home of any allergy suffered by anyone who will be consuming the food.  If you have any questions around allergens in any food we prepare please email athome@pingcoombes.com
  10. I (the customer) understand that the food is prepared in a mixed use kitchen and there may be traces of all allergens in the dishes.