What is that strange yellow glow in the sky... With the late appearance of the sun this year we are trying to make the most of it with a special barbeque menu for this week.  After a lot of development (and the consumption of quite a few steaks) we can finally bring you our new cook at home Bavette steak with garlic butter soy and XO sauce.  Sourced from our friends at Larkhall Butchers, they are perfect on the BBQ or pan fried and is great with chips, rice or a salad (or your usual accompaniments for a BBQ feast)
Check out Ping's Instagram page for how to dress and plate this flavoursome bavette.

It wouldn't be a Ping BBQ week without our satay spatchcock chicken kit either which is great on the BBQ or in the oven.  If you want a real feast this weekend I'd recommend getting one of each. Both come with instructions.

Menu for Friday 2nd June

Satay Free Range Spatchcocked Chicken - £25

Spatchcocked free range chicken from our friends at Larkhall Butchers, a special blend marinade and my special satay sauce. Cooks in under an hour
Contains Wheat, Peanut, Soybean & Prawns

Bavette Steak with Soy Garlic Butter Sauce and XO - £25

2 x 8oz Bavette steaks form Larkhall Butchers with my special soy, garlic butter sauce, XO Sauce and crispy onions. If you haven't tried XO sauce, you must. Rumored to be the most expensive sauce in the world as it is made from dried scallops and prawns. Deeply umami and slightly spicy.
Contains Wheat, Soybean, Oyster, Scallop & Prawns