We're busy in the kitchen this week with prep for this Thursday and Friday's supper clubs in Bath, hence no menu for this Friday. Don't worry we're back for next week with some of your favourite dishes. This will however be our last menu for the summer so best to get your Ping fix in now... Thanks for all your support so far this year, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

We're hoping it doesn't rain next week as we're going to fire up the BBQ for this menu to give it that all important distinctive char that is only achieved cooking on coals.. Keep your fingers crossed or one of us is going to get wet (probably Andrew) ;P

Menu for Friday 15th July

‘Stickless’ Chicken Satay, Proper Peanut Sauce, Cucumber + Jasmine Rice - £14
The most popular streetfood in Malaysia. Succulent chicken marinated in cumin, coconut milk and lemongrass, chargrilled and then drenched in proper peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is made from scratch (no peanut butter in sight) and is one of my signature sauces.
Medium Spicy
DF - Contains Peanuts, Soybean & Wheat

Malaysian Charred Seasonal Vegetable and Halloumi Curry + Jasmine Rice - £12
Seasonal vegetables are given the charring treatment to bring out their sweetness then cooked in coconut milk and spices along with pieces of halloumi. Topped with roasted chilli oil and crispy onions. Our most popular vegetarian curry!!
Medium spicy
Contains soybean, dairy & wheat in the onions (can be omitted)


Cucur Sayur - Malaysian Vegetables Fritters £6.00 (3 in a portion) Limited supply
Made with veg from our garden, these fritters crisp up nicely in the oven
Vegan, GF, DF - Contains Chickpea flour

Spring Onion Oil Noodles £5
When I first tasted this dish, it blew me away how a simple bowl can taste so good! The trick is to make that spring onion oil which takes patience and care. The noodles are then dressed in the most delectable dressing made with the oil
Contains wheat, soybean