Menu for Friday 1st October

Black Beef Curry ‘Daging Masak Hitam’, Golden Potatoes + Jasmine Rice - £12
Hitam means black and Daging is meat. This beef dish is often grazing the Mamak stalls in Malaysia. Beef is slow cooked for hours in ground spices and the all important ‘kecap manis’, sweet soya sauce. This results in the beef's almost jerky like texture but deeply flavourful, utterly moorish and completely black hence ‘Hitam’. I then fold in golden roasted potatoes for texture resulting in a black & gold affair.
Mild Spicy
DF - Contains wheat

Red Lentil Dhal, Hot and Sour Mushrooms, Roasted Peanuts, Coriander + Jasmine Rice - £10
Creamy dhal topped with earthy hot and sour mushrooms and peanuts for texture. A fusion of Szechuan and Indian flavours. Are you curious?
Medium Spicy
DF - Contains peanuts and wheat

A new side and you are the guinea pigs…

Seasonal Leek Pancake (NEW) £5
Caramelized leek savoury pancakes flavoured with fish sauce; a hybrid between a foo yung and a pancake. Light, crispy on the edges and a perfect accompaniment to the curries or on their own with your favourite chilli dip
Contains fish, eggs and wheat

Brussels & Cabbage Coconut Thoran £4 per portion
Wok fried brussels and cabbage tossed in a mixture of chillies, coconut, mustard seeds and turmeric
GF, DF & Vegan