Menu for Friday 5th November

We took our kids to Portugal for half term and were grateful to be able to have some time away with them. We are back rested and with new inspiration. Malacca, one of our favourite cities in Malaysia and has a strong Portuguese influence in their cooking due to 130 years of occupation. This week's menu is inspired by two cultures coming together.

Curry Debal - Malacca Devil's Chicken Curry, Coriander + Jasmine Rice - £12
Malacca was once the most important ports in Malaysia and was occupied by the Portuguese. This dish is also called Curry Debal and is originally from the Kristang people, descendents of mix Malaccan and Portuguese. This chicken curry is flavoured with lemongrass, galangal, mustard seeds and finished with vinegar. It is fiery with a tang. Can’t wait to cook this for you!
GF, DF - Contains Mustard

Sayur Lodeh, Tofu Puffs, Roasted Chilli Oil + Jasmine Rice - £10
Vegetables cooked in a spiced coconut broth flavoured with shrimp paste, lemongrass and galangal. I am also adding some Tofu Puffs to soak up all that lovely gravy. This dish packs a punch and is topped with roasted chilli oil. Utterly utterly delicious!
Please note this is not vegetarian (although most Malaysians think shrimp paste is vegetarian!)
Medium Spicy
GF & DF - Contains Soybeans, Fish sauce and prawns

Pingy - Pingy Chicken Wings £6 (4 pieces)

Spicy chicken wings inspired by the peri - peri chicken we ate in Portugal
Contains Soybeans

Brussels & Cabbage Coconut Thoran £4 per portion
Wok fried brussels and cabbage tossed in a mixture of chillies, coconut, mustard seeds and turmeric
GF & Vegan